3D-printed high performance polymer might replace metal parts in automotive manufacturing

3D printing in combination with high performance polymers, like PEEK, could be an alternative to manufacturing metal parts in the automotive sector, to make vehicles more efficient and to realise an idea towards the final product in a simpler way.

In automotive sector, materials are needed that are not just durable, to improve the reliability of a vehicle, but also have to bring several properties with them, like chemical inertness, temperature resistance or wear resistance. Thereby it is guaranteed to have more durable parts with less maintenance. On the one hand it is a big plus for the consumer, because he can save costs, on the other hand also for the manufacturers who will have a higher quality in their automobiles due to the fact that parts have to be replaced less, which results in a better image.

To this point metals have been the materials of choice, since they combine all required properties. However, a big disadvantage is the weight. With less weight fuel can be saved, which results in reducing CO2 emission. A thought that appears more often these days. Continue reading “3D-printed high performance polymer might replace metal parts in automotive manufacturing”