TU Wien Spin-Off Cubicure introduces new 3D Printing materials

While 3D printing technology has been responsible for many advances and inventions over the years, it’s not foolproof – some methods don’t produce items with the best material properties, and others result in surfaces that are rough and unclean. The Vienna University of Technology, better known as TU Wien, is responsible for many innovations in 3D printing materials. The university also generated a spin-off company, the startup Cubicure, which developed a new 3D printing technique called hot lithography.

TU Wien has spent years developing 3D printing processes, along with material mixtures that are well-suited for a wide variety of applications. Cubicure is a direct result of this research.

Dr. Robert Gmeiner, CEO of Cubicure, said, “3D printing already plays a key role in the production of prototypes or utility models. But even for all industrial products that are produced in small quantities or have to be tailored to the individual needs of the individual customer – such as components in the medical sector – the high-quality 3D printing offers great opportunities.” Continue reading “TU Wien Spin-Off Cubicure introduces new 3D Printing materials”

All Metal Extruder – Micron 3DP (VIDEO)

When 3D Printing, have you experienced material getting stuck inside the filament guide or the nozzle? Micron E.M.E Ltd has created an extruder that should make this problem the stuff of past. Micron 3DP is an all metal extruder that prints materials, from PLA and ABS to PBA, Nylon and polycarbonate. It also features a detachable filament guide and nozzle module that can be replaced in less than 1 minute. Check the video below for more details:

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