Protoprint: plastic waste to 3D printing filaments (VIDEO)

In these days where waste management and up-cycling has become extremely essential for sustaining the planet, it is social enterprises like Protoprint that show light to the ideas that combine waste management and technology to create useful products. ProtoPrint is a brainchild of Sidhant Pai, a 21 year old in fourth year of his Engineering in MIT and it is not only solving the problem of littering with one of the most harmful and non-biodegradable substance plastic but also producing low cost useful 3D printer filament from it.

The idea
Based in Pune, this startup has tied up with ragpickers who bring in the waste they collect to their site. Usually plastic was segregated from the waste at the dump site. The plastic was sold to scrap dealers but the ragpickers received a very small amount of money from it which is often less that Rs. 50 per day. At Protoprint’s site, the plastic collected is used for filament production facilities at dump sites and this enables them to earn around 15 times of what they did with the same amount of plastic. Protoprint currently has a pilot ‘Filament Lab’ set up in Pune in collaboration with a waste pickers co-operative called SWaCH. Read more…