Tim Geurtjens, Joris Laarman Lab / MX3D presents: “Printing Outside the Box”

Tim Geurtjens, CTO at Joris Laarman Lab and Co-founder of MX3D, presents at the 3D Design & Engineering Conference: “Printing Outside the Box”.

Tim will share his view on the current developments in the Digital Fabrication Era and on where he thinks this will all lead to. He will explain how frustration can lead to development and how they, as a design studio were drawn into advanced robotics to develop the MX3D-printers that can print metal objects of theoretically unlimited size. They have recently taken up the ambitious plan to use this technique to build the first 3D-printed bridge in the world over one of the oldest canals in the center of Amsterdam.

About Tim Geurtjens
After a study mechanical engineering, Tim Geurtjens (1976) attended the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2003 where he graduated 4 years later. Since then he has been working as CTO for Joris Laarman Lab, best known for its experimental designs inspired by upcoming technology. Over the last 6 years he developed extensive knowledge of exotic materials and cutting edge technologies, specifically novel digital fabrication methods. Tim is co-founder of MX3D, a company that developed several large-scale 3D printers that use 6-axis industrial robots. These printers allow them to print very large structures in many different materials such as thermoset plastics, stainless steel or aluminium.

Find out more about MX3D and Joris Laarman LAB.

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