Sirris’ vision on AM Integrated Factory – Presented by Stijn Lambrechts, Sirris

Sirris’ vision on AM Integrated Factory – Presented by Stijn Lambrechts, Sirris, at AM Factory Conference on December 4, 2018, at Brightlands Chemelot Campus, Sittard-Geleen, The Netherlands.

Sirris launched its AM Integrated Factory on November, 14th 2017. The presentation shows Sirris’ view on how 3Dprinting needs to be integrated on the shop floor.

About Stijn Lambrechts
As a specialist in business development & innovation Stijn helps companies with their innovations using additive manufacturing, ranging from the creating specific designs and selecting or developing specific production technologies and materials, to determining process parameters and manufacturing the first piece or small series.

Stijn has always had a passion for technology and its application in the industry. He has a Master’s degree in Material Engineering, obtained from the KU Leuven, and Master’s in General Management, obtained from the Vlerick School of Managament. Before joining Sirris, Stijn was a business developer of technological products in technological applications, such as welding consumables for hardfacing and filtration solutions.

About Sirris
Realizing precision with and without 3Dprinting, adding functionalities to product surfaces and running your factories efficiently is what makes our day. We bring experience and infrastructure in industry 4.0, additive manufacturing, surface texturing and precision machining.

About AM Integrated Factory Conference
The AM Integrated Factory Conference (13:30 hrs – 17:00 hrs) will take place on December 4, 2018, at Brightlands Chemelot Campus, Sittard-Geleen, The Netherlands, at the same location and same date as 3D Printing Post Processing Conference (09:00 hrs – 12:30 hrs).

Integration of Additive Manufacturing into your manufacturing process

There are many manufacturers who would like to be able to offer more individualization of the products they manufacture. With the growth of AM, more and more organisations are starting to look at the possibilities to integrate this technology in their manufacturing processes. One of the core advantages that AM has is that its digital technology. It is completely CAD/CAM based.

Three trends are visible, which overlap each other as well :

  • Use of Hybrid manufacturing (systems where additive and subtractive manufacturing are combined in the same machine)
  • Implemention of AM systems as part of an end-to-end production workflow ( including: material handling systems, multiple additive manufacturing systems, part handling systems, part cleaning systems, curing/heat treatment systems, support/powder removal and recycling systems, part inspection systems and part finishing systems)
  • Implementation of AM systems in the ‘traditional’ production processes (in other words, building a complete production chain with several state-of-the-art production technologies like milling, robots, welding, Additive Manufacturing and more).

This integration requires is a transition at software level as well with CAD/CAM/CAE software feeding into Simulation, MES (manufacturing execution systems) and PLM software tools.

This conference covers the developments going on in further integration of AM in production processes, and how to act upon.

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