Simon Vermeir, Sirris presents: “Design; the key to be successful with AM”

Simon Vermeir, Design Engineer at Sirris, presents during the 3DDE Conference: “Design; the key to be successful with additive manufacturing”.

Additive manufacturing (AM) has been introduced to the industry, not only for the manufacturing of prototypes, but also increasingly for applications in functional components. Switching to AM is not an easy process. A successful application starts with a design made for the technology. How to identify the right part and adapt your design so you can also benefit from all AM related advantages?

About Simon Vermeir
As a design engineer, Simon focuses on “design for additive manufacturing”. As this specific way of designing parts requires industry adopting a totally new approach, Simon’s job is to guide designers through this specific  design- and engineering process. He explains the capabilities, limitations and principles of additive technologies.

Simon holds a Bachelor’s degree in industrial product design and started his career with Sirris in 2013. Inspired by nature, with a clear understanding of the requirements of designing a product and a good knowledge of the different additive manufacturing processes, he makes an important contribution to the creation of successful parts in Belgian industry.

About Sirris
Sirris helps companies develop, test and effectively implement technological innovations. In working with our experts, you will tap their knowledge and experience, while  using our high-tech infrastructure to explore the full range of possibilities offered by new technologies. This will help you make the right technological choices and rapidly turn your innovations into marketable products and services.

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