Printerfarms and the impact on the 3D Printing Value Chain

by Arno Gramsma, AMPC Solutions b.v.

Industrialising Additive Manufacturing, what about the value chain? where is the value and where does it need more value?



What drives you?
Challenge is my main driver, it is a combination of people, technology and business.

Why should the delegate attend your presentation?
Get insight in the AM value chain and, come up with new ideas.

What emerging technologies/trends do you see as having the greatest potential in the short and long run?
Integrating all the technologies in the market into safe and sustainable production solutions.

What kind of impact do you expect them to have?
I expect new Business models will be created to jointly benefit from Additive Manufacturing.

What are the barriers that might stand in the way?
Lack of joint efforts.

“Special quote”
They said it can’t be done, but we will do it anyway!

About Arno Gramsma

A result- and people oriented professional with a passion for winning, strategic/conceptual thinking, strong communication and problem solving and an overall orientation to action with a strong drive to improve business, networker, pragmatic, stimulates people’s personal growth.

About AMPC Solutions b.v.

Industrial solutions for Additive Manufacturing Printfarms.

AMPC Solutions is accelerating industrial Additive Manufacturing of functional polymer and metal parts by offering modular, end-to-end Production Cluster.
AMPC provides a safe quality environment with an integrated software platform.

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