Nanning de Jong, 3Dwergen presents: “Making business out of 3D content platforms”

Nanning de Jong, Founder of 3Dwergen, presents during the 3D Design & Engineering Conference: “Making business out of 3D content platforms”. 

Many new entrants are entering the 3D content market and major 3D printing companies like Stratasys and 3D Systems are consolidating to create wide-ranging 3D content / 3D printing platforms. 3D content platforms create new value in e-commerce by offering great 3D models, new ways of co-creating content and setting up new supply chains to make tangible products in innovative ways. What are the opportunities for designers and companies in this exciting market?

Designing in 3D is one thing, but how to make it really useful? By just sharing it? By developing it further with others? By making it tangible? And how do you make business out of it along the way?

About Nanning de Jong
Nanning founded 3Dwergen in 2012, where he combines his passion for making cool (marketing-) products and his fascination with the developments in the 3D printing market. He published about 3D content and 3D printing platforms together with the Rathenau Institute. Before, he worked as innovation consultant for The Bridge business innovators (Twynstra Gudde), where he helped his clients with business cases and marketing and sales of innovative products and services. Nanning started his career in the pharmaceutical business of Johnson & Johnson.

About 3Dwergen
3Dwergen designs and makes exclusive and unique 3D models and 3D prints for marketing campaigns and small series productions. We design and develop to make specific business cases viable that were impossible before. Designs are now possible that will surprise you. This helps 3Dwergen’s clients to differentiate themselves in the media and the market.

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