Leonardo Casado, Innovalia Association presents about “FABulous Acceleration Program”

Leonardo Casado, R&D Project Manager at Innovalia Association, will present at the 3D Design & Engineering Conference: “FABulous Acceleration Program: Funding opportunities at European level for start-ups and SMEs of the 3D Printing sector”. 

FABulous aims to create and support 3D printing technologies by bringing together infrastructures and investors with innovators and entrepreneurs in design, manufacturing, logistics and content-based services. As a European acceleration program our mission is to provide funds and business development services to entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs that want to launch new products/services using web technologies applied to the 3D Printing value chain.

Our Open Call 2 for project proposals is now open until June 18th 2015. 100 European SMEs and start-ups will be selected within this Call. Register now and submit your proposal to receive up to 78.000€ and business development support services.

About Leonardo Casado
Mr. Leonardo Casado is an industrial chemical engineer from University of Valladolid. Furthermore, he studied two master degrees based on R+D management and quality and environmental management. Regarding his experience, he was Head of European R&D Projects in ONYX SOLAR leading projects in areas such as Energy Efficient Buildings, Smart Cities & Communities and SME leadership. In parallel, he was Secretary of the boards of directors at CYL SOLAR CLUSTER of Renewable Energies. Nowadays, he has joined to the ambitious project of Innovalia Association playing a role as R&D Project Manager through his involvement in attractive R&D initiatives in topics such as ICTs, FoF, NMP, ITEA, and others.

About Innovalia Association
Innovalia Association is an independent private Associated Research Lab. Innovalia, with more than 25 years of experience in technology‐based product and service innovation with SMEs, assists SMEs in the development of ICT‐based solutions in the areas of information security, software quality, M2M and mobile multimedia information services. Innovalia has an international presence, with premises in Spain – Basque Country, Madrid, Catalonia, Canary Island; Europe; Asia, Central and South America. Innovalia Association is a Technology Agent of the Basque Country Innovation Network (Innobasque) and assembles skills, laboratories and resources from its four foundational companies.

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