Matthijs Huisman & Hans van Toor present: “Advancing the growth of AM”

Matthijs Huisman, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and Hans van Toor, consultant at Berenschot , present during the 3DDE Conference: “Advancing the growth of AM:  Learning from the best in technology strategy, safety and innovation”.

Many companies want to start using additive manufacturing (3D Printing) in their design, engineering, product development and production activities. One of the bottlenecks with the introduction of this technology on a larger scale is the current absence of objective and agreed upon norms and standards. Nevertheless, many examples can be found already of high quality applications. UL and Berenschot have developed a training curriculum, based on 12 real life high quality cases, to help you learn from the best and use the technology to your advantage.

About Matthijs Huisman
As a General Manager for UL Netherlands, Matthijs focuses on advancing UL’s safety mission in the Netherlands. UL helps customers to bring to market safe and high quality products. UL works closely with industries, authorities and customers to keep safety ahead of innovation in an evolving global landscape. Matthijs is fascinated by additive manufacturing and is a member of UL’s global digital manufacturing team. Matthijs has an Economy degree from Tilburg University and is a Certified Auditor as well as a Certified Controller. He joined UL in 2010 and has been leading UL’s finance department in Europe while UL’s safety business expanded and diversified in order to stay relevant for customers and consumers. In addition, Matthijs is leading UL’s overall business in the Netherlands since 2013.

About UL
UL is an internationally recognized safety science company, founded in 1894. UL rigorously assesses the safety of products and goods to help customers bring their innovations to market quickly. UL also helps technologies gain mass adoption through the trust consumers place in the UL brand. Digital Manufacturing Technologies (DMT), a division of UL, is a catalyst for the global transformation into digital manufacturing. DMT offers business & technical advisory services, training, quality assurance & certification, & material testing to clients using additive manufacturing technology.

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About Hans van Toor
Additive Manufacturing represents the democratisation of production within the Digital Revolution. Although the technology provides great potential to reduce the strain on resources across the product life cycle, pitfalls and barriers may prevent useful application. As a consultant Hans focuses on Additive Manufacturing specifically, and the Digital Revolution in general. Together with parties across the triple helix he aligns their strategy to maximize utilization of Additive Manufacturing. While studying Aerospace Engineering at the TU in Delft, Hans (1987) became fascinated with the potential of Additive Manufacturing. After a year of dedicated learning, Hans founded two companies (3Delft, SUUZ) focused on technical and creative application of Additive Manufacturing. In 2013, Hans decided to focus on application of Metal Additive Manufacturing in aerospace. Before joining Berenschot, he gained experience at various international industrial and academic institutes.

About Berenschot
Berenschot is an independent, Dutch management consulting firm with an international orientation. Being on top of innovations is essential to be able to support clients with strategic choices. As of 2004 Berenschot consultants have been involved in Additive Manufacturing (AM) projects. Berenschot’s expertise focusses on the strategic and operational impact of this technology on the organization and on the value chain the organization operates in.

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