Automated Surface Finishing for 3D-printed metal parts as enabler for serial production – Presented by Wolfgang Hansal, Hirtenberger Engineered Surfaces

Wolfgang Hansal, Hirtenberger Engineered Surfaces will speak at 3D Printing Post-Processing Conference on April 17, 2019, during 3D Printing Event in The Netherlands.

With the evolution of 3D-printing of metals from the prototyping scale towards a serial production the different steps in the production chain must be fully understood and adjusted to the each other in order to guarantee a constant and reproducible quality of the final products. Among the different process steps, the post-processing of AM metal parts is crucial but nevertheless still an open issue at industrial scale.

The 3D-printed metal parts leave the printer with a significant amount of support structures fixed to the part, adhering metal powder and a surface roughness that is much too high for the technical application. While mechanical post treatment methods are mostly work, time and cost intensive they also cannot provide a proper finishing on sterically hindered parts and inner surfaces.

Here chemically-electrochemically based methods, such as the Hirtisation® process, enable an integrated production process using the freedom in design of 3D-printing and additionally give an valid option for complete process automatisation that is required for standardisation and qualification of industrial serial production. Based on user cases, this presentation will discuss the possibilities and the results of electrochemical surface treatments of 3D-printed metal parts under a serial production perspective.

About Wolfgang Hansal

Dr. Wolfgang Hansal holds a MSc. and PhD degree in chemistry, with a special focus on material sciences and electrochemistry. He deepened his knowledge in surface finishing via the education as “Certified Electroplater and Surface Finisher” level 3 (CEF-3, AESF) in 2002 and finished his lecturer degree on the topic “Electrochemical Pulse Plating” with the end of 2018. Since 2004, Dr. Hansal is CEO of his own company “The Happy Plating GmbH”, which was renamed into “Hirtenberger Engineered Surfaces GmbH” in 2016. He successfully coordinated about 100 industrial R&D projects and is additionally author of several technical and scientific articles.

About Hirtenberger Engineered Surfaces

Hirtenberger Engineered Surfaces offers smart production processes for electrochemical surface finishing with special focus on the post-treatment of 3D printed metal parts. Without any mechanical process steps, the Hirtisation® process is capable of removing partially melted particles and support structures as well as levelling and polishing the surface.

About 3D Printing Event

On April 16 and April 17, 2019, Brightlands Chemelot Campus in Sittard-Geleen, The Netherlands, will host a two-day 3D Printing Event focused on the entire 3D Printing manufacturing value chain from design to end product.The event will include five dedicated conferences and an exhibition.

  • April 16 – 3D Printing Materials Conference – topics: polymers (new materials), metals and multi materials used in 3D Printing
  • April 16 – 3D Design & Engineering Conference
    – topics: 3D design & 3D engineering tools / Visualisation tools,
    Reverse engineering, Value Engineering / Virtual Engineering, Topology
    Optimization, Blockchain & more
  • April 17 – 3D Printing Post-Processing Conference – topics: All actions that are performed after parts are removed from a 3D printer – issues, solutions & future trends.
  • April 17 – AM Integrated Factory Conference
    – topics: Hybrid manufacturing, Implementation of AM systems as part of
    an end-to-end production workflow, Implementation of AM systems in the
    ‘traditional’ production processes
  • April 17 – 4D Printing & Meta Materials Conference
    – topics: 4D Printing from idea to full functionality, Smart materials,
    Applications & opportunities for designing and engineering
  • April 16-17 – Exhibition – Companies active in 3D Printing related fields will be present to showcase the latest developments.

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