Experience Your 3D Models in VR Before You 3D Print Them

Many of those who are passionate about 3D printing sometimes underestimate the importance of 3D visualization environments; however, before 3D printing a prototype to test it in real world conditions, it can be very useful to “play” with the CAD design in simulated virtual environments.

That is what the Construct, a Swiss startup that was just voted among the top 8 at the Startup Fair – Swiss Startup Convention, wants to enable you to do.

The main innovation in the Construct’s project, other than the fact that they are developing a highly accessible virtual reality collaborative environment, is that the system will enable you to visualize and interact with any type of 3D CAD file. “Our vision is to provide a simple and effective way to automatically virtualize 3D Models regardless of the format or tools with which they are created,” the company explained. “We can enable users without any VR experience to see and actually live their products and ideas in a Virtual World that we create together!” … (read more)

Source: 3DprintingIndustry.com

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