On Kickstarter now: Testing and Certification for 3D printing filament!

Rachel Spieczny founded Clean Strands™ because she wants a quick and easy way to ensure that the materials her kids use to print 3D objects are safe for their health and for the environment.

Very little research has been done on emissions from 3D printing filament, and most filament manufacturers have their own proprietary formulations, which prevents us from knowing exactly what’s inside.

When I set out to research 3D printing filament, I found some information on melting points and filament strength, as well as a few bloggers questioning the health and environmental effects of PLA and ABS filament. But for the most part, everyone just said, “More research needs to be done.”

The goal of Clean Strands™ is to fill the gap in our knowledge about emissions from 3D printing filament.

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