Below you can see the program of the conference that took place online on June 25, 2020. More info about the next edition will follow soon. Stay up-to-date with news about 3D printing and the next edition of the conference by subscribing to our newsletter, Youtube channel, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

09:0009:05pieter hermansWelcome and Opening
Moderator: Pieter Hermans, Jakajima, Read more
09:0509:25Maarten van DijkMaarten van Dijk, Founder, Additive Center on "Introduction of 3D polymer printing technologies", Read more
09:2509:45jules haringsJules Harings, Associate Professor, Macromolecular Physics & Technology, AMIBM / Maastricht University Biobased Materials, on "Aligning molecular and structural dynamics in additive manufacturing of thermoplastics; towards enhanced weld mechanics and geometrical stability", Read more
09:4510:05César StüppCésar Stüpp, Research Scientist, Brightlands Materials Center, on "New developments of short and continuous fibre printing with exceptional mechanical behaviour and unique functionalities", Read more
10:0510:25fedor antonovFedor Antonov, CEO, Anisoprint on "Manufacturing optimal composites through continuous fiber 3D printing", Read more
10:4011:00Gözde TuzcuGözde Tuzcu, Polymer Expert, Kiwa, on "Additive Manufacturing - Standardization Activities and Certification Possibilities", Read more
11:0011:20Robert MartensRobert Martens, Owner / Principal consultant, 3D Strategies, on "The Disruptive Effects of 3D printing on Supply Chains & Business Models", Read more
11:2011:40wim defermeWim Deferme, Prof. dr. ir. , Group Leader Functional Materials Technology, Hasselt University, Institute for Materials Research (IMO-IMOMEC), on 'Roughness reduction and functional coating deposition on additive manufactured substrates with ultrasonic spray coating', Read more, Watch the preview of his presentation
11:4012:00karsten braunKarsten Braun, Researcher, Fraunhofer-Institut for Laser Technology, ITL, on "Laser polishing of 3D Printed Plastic Components", Read more
12:0012:20arno gramsmaArno Gramsma, Co-Owner / Co-Founder, AMPC Solutions on "Printerfarms and the impact on the 3D Printing Value Chain", Read more
12:2012:30Round up discussion
End of conference