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21 April 2020

Anna ZharinovaAnna Zharinova, Head of Marketing, Myprintoo GmbH
jean marc francesJean Marc Frances, Scientific & Technology Coordinator R&D, Elkem Silicones, on 'Developments in 3D printing of silicone elastomers and the consequences for global value chains at short and mid terms'
jules haringsJules Harings, Associate Professor, Macromolecular Physics & Technology, AMIBM / Maastricht University Biobased Materials
kris binonKris Binon, Director, Flam3D - the Independent Additive Manufacturing Network

22 April 2020

Karsten Braun, Researcher, Fraunhofer-Institut for Laser Technology, ITL, on 'Laser polishing of 3D Printed Plastic Components'
albert falckAlbert Falck, Owner / Founder Lay3rs 3dprinting and AMPC Solutions on 'Printerfarms and the impact on the 3D Printing Value Chain'

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