Interview with Kevin Neugebauer, founder of myprintoo, silver partner 3D Printing Event

myprintoo from Hamburg, Germany is a specialist in 3D printing technology. We offer not only products from the top manufacturers, but also provide all-round services for 3D printing (consulting, product trainings, webinars, maintenance). We are exclusive partner for 3ntr (FDM 3D printers) and Anisoprint (Composite Fiber Coextrusion) and partner for Formlabs (SLA).

Kevin Neugebauer will talk specifically about the 3D Printing OEMs 3NTR and Anisoprint.

The 3ntr 3D printers score with a high variety of materials managed by the manufacturer and an open system for individual adaptation. The heated chamber, up to three nozzles and a printing plate made of coated carbon also speak volumes of the devices potential.

Anisopint provides a technology for design and production of optimal composites through continuous fiber 3D printing.

  • continuous fiber reinforced composites:
  • 30 times stronger than pure plastic, 2 times stronger & lighter than aluminum;
  • optimal composite structures: lattice reinforcement — minimum weight, price and production time for the required strength;

“The picture of this post, shows an exampe how you can print multimaterials witht the 3NTR printer, and don’t have to assemble the product anymore, as it was done in the past”, explains Kevin Neugebauer.

Download the brochures here.

For more information about myprintoo, go to their website.

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