Zare Cuts Manufacturing Costs Significantly by Implementing Fortus Additive Manufacturing System

Stratasys recently announced that Zare, a manufacturing service bureau based in Italy, cut its manufacturing costs by 50 percent in the aerospace and automotive industries by implementing a series of Stratasys Fortus 3D production systems.

Having success with the PolyJet and FDM 3D printers for creating prototypes, Zare has now expanded its use of 3D printing into injection molding, tooling and final part production with the Fortus line of printers.

“After a steady decline in traditional manufacturing business, the introduction of Stratasys’s Fortus FDM technology has given us a significant edge over our competition and has enabled us to reduce manufacturing costs for our aerospace and automotive customers by 50 percent. This has been key to revitalizing our direct manufacturing business, as we can quickly produce durable end-use parts for our customers in the final material. We have seen a substantial reduction in iteration costs and turnaround times, and we have reduced the cost per final part by around 30 percent,” said Zare Research and Development Manager, Andrea Pasquali.Read more