Taulman Will Strengthen Your 3D Printing Materials ToolBox

3D Printing materials company taulman3D is today introducing six new filament materials via Kickstarter. The new ToolBox of six new materials has already been fully developed and tested in line with the company’s stellar reputation in this area and to reduce risks for backers.

I wondered about the move to KS, particularly considering taulman’s previous success with new materials. It turns out that while the company works hard to push the boundaries with new filament properties — in line with client and industry requirements — there are barriers to developments when dealing with the necessary chemical companies. Taulman explains that: “the minimum purchase requirements are significant for specialized polymers. With 1, 2 and in some cases 3 ton minimum buys, our ability to bring these great new materials to the community would otherwise take about three years. Because these materials were developed specifically for 3D Printing with the direct help of the chemical companies, they require specific production runs. Most chemical companies can produce small runs within their R&D labs of 50-250 lbs. But we will need to buy tons and to do so is a significant investment.” By utilizing Kickstarter, taulman says backers’ support will provide a “foot in the door” to the chemical companies.

And it is the chemical companies that taulman believes “are the real guys …. not the guys who want to toss in a handful of nano-this or graphene-that into a warm puddle of plastic, but Companies with real answers that will help everyone take 3D printing to the next level.” … (Read more)

Source: 3DPrintingIndustry.com