Sculpteo Introduces New Grey Plastic Material

Colored 3D prints are the coolest, but they’re often not the most resistant over time. We’re launching a new grey plastic to take care of that. Thanks to some science and a lot of tests, we’re now able to offer you a 3D printed plastic that is grey throughout the material.

Nylon 3D printing through SLS technologies is an important part of our everyday activity here at Sculpteo. Once the printing process is achieved, part of the magic is to finish the part by sandblasting, polishing and dying it if needed. Our new grey plastic is removing one of these steps from the picture. Dying is not necessary anymore since the plastic is grey throughout the material. Instead of using a white Nylon powder and dying it after the print has been done, we’re now directly using a grey powder in the 3D printer, resulting in grey 3D prints resistant to aging, friction and light.Read more