Nanosteel Launches Performance Powders for Binder Jetting 3D Printing Process (Video)

The advantages of additive manufacturing as a viable process for the production of low number series of complex metal parts are becoming clearer to the advanced manufacturing industry. Thus, more and more companies are introducing next generation products to cater to growing metal powder demand. This is the case for Nanosteel, a company operating in the field of nano-structured steel materials design.

The Providence (RI) based enterprise just launched its first powders designed specifically for binder jetting 3D printing process. These materials, known as BLDRmetal™ J-10 and BLDRmetal™ J-11, were developed to enable the 3D printing of components for highly abrasive environments that can benefit from additive manufacturing’s ability to eliminate tooling, create advanced geometries, and build custom parts on demand.

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