Lowe’s Offers 3-D Printing Out of Any Material, Including Gold

Lowe’s Innovation Labs is now offering 3-D printing of household hardware items from a Lowe’s-owned Orchard Supply Store in California.  While 3-D printing is becoming more commonplace, it takes a certain knowledge to program a printer to create an item.  

With Lowe’s new system, average homeowners are able to design and print their own ideas, no special knowledge required.

Lowe’s service is meant to help customers with no knowledge of 3-D printing create something from scratch or from a scanned item. It offers a list of templates to get the ball rolling and specially-trained sales associates are on hand to help. Customers can also take their designs home, work on them and bring them back to be printed.

A variety of materials are available for customers to choose from, from plastic to stainless steel to yes, gold.  Some of the designs have to be sent out to third-party printers, but there are some that can be printed at the store.

This technology will help both the consumer and the retailer.  It allows shoppers a wider variety of products to choose from, as the store can only stock so many.  It can also help those who are looking for a replacement for a one-of-a-kind item or a unique item that specifically matches their decor.  It will bring homeowners’ dreams to life! … (read more)

Source: PlanetSave.com