This Canadian Startup is Revolutionizing 3D Printing Materials

A new Canadian startup is trying to revolutionize the way we 3D print. How? By making compostable PLA plastic filament and a starch-based fully biodegradable plastic material that can also be used as 3D printer filament.

Printearth is an Ottawa-based startup founded by recent University of Ottawa graduate Phil Chiasson. Chiasson started Printearth on the basis of a life-cycle approach in which companies must sustain ethical business practices concerning how their products are manufactured and what will happen to them once they are disposed of. Even though PLA plastic filament is a bioplastic, it is only compostable in certain commercial composters. What this means is that the majority of consumer 3D printed goods, which are typically made from PLA plastic or petroleum-based ABS plastic, will be harmful to the environment. This is what Printearth is hoping to solve.

“There wasn’t anything available which was a truly green product, that’s where Printearth comes in,” Chiasson told Connectedly. “In addition to offering compostable PLA, my company is developing a starch based plastic which is 100% biodegradable in soil or water.” … (Read more)