Additive Industries Reveals Name of its New Industrial 3D Printing System (VIDEO)

First integrated additive manufacturing system for high-end industrial applications will launch in the fourth quarter of 2015. On the first day of RAPID 2015, the largest US trade fair and conference on additive manufacturing and 3D printing, Additive Industries confirms the launch date and reveals the name of its new industrial additive manufacturing system: MetalFAB1.

This comprehensive system embodies the ambition of Additive Industries to take 3D metal printing beyond the current lab and prototyping use, to actual fabrication use on the factory floor: the fab. In a short introductory film, Additive Industries reveals aspects of their fully integrated 3D metal printer. ‘Our system will bring a substantial improvement in reproducibility, productivity and flexibility as a result of our quest to design an industrial grade metal printing process’, said Daan Kersten, CEO of Additive Industries.

The high reproducibility of MetalFAB1 takes its inspiration from the semiconductor industry. Stability is achieved by robust machine design in combination with a continuous calibration strategy. Additive Industries believes in an integrated process flow for industrial additive manufacturing, therefore multiple process steps are incorporated in one machine for the first time. Fully automated handling connects all process steps, reduces manual labour, and improves product consistency and quality, while also increasing operator safety. The modular architecture offers maximum flexibility, allowing the user to start with a basic machine configuration with the possibility to enlarge the scope of the process, enabling substantially increased productivity. Moreover, modules can be added to allow the use of multiple materials in one machine without having to clean the powder system and running the risk of cross-contamination. ‘We are on schedule to launch the machine in the fourth quarter of this year’, adds Mark Vaes, Technology Manager of Additive Industries and the leader of the MetalFab1 development project. … (read more)