How To Profit From General Electric’s Next Wonder Material

In the case of the wonder material graphene, there are not many stocks that are publicly traded that have exposure to this material. Imagine if you were to be ahead of the curve on 3D printing before the masses found out? Traders should constantly be searching for new technologies and trends that are about to become mainstream before they become stock market darlings.

Today I want to talk to you about the next wonder material. I am not talking about graphene right now, I am talking about ceramic matrix composites (CMC) and carbon fiber composites (CFC).

“The engines are standing on the shoulders of groundbreaking technologies we’ve been developing over the last decade,” says David Joyce, CEO of GE Aviation. “Our strategy is clearly paying off.” All three engines have components made from advanced materials like aviation-grade carbon fiber composites. They allowed engineers to make the engines bigger, lighter, more fuel efficient and also quieter. … (Read more)