Fabbly Launches Online 3D Printing Template Market, Gains National Attention

A new Munich company is leading its way within the industry—Fabbly—an online market where customers can buy and download 3D-printer templates. Using home or Fabbly’s printer community, customers can print pre-created products in a range of materials—from polycarbonate to metal as well as leather.

“We work with commercial designers around the globe,” says Fabbly’s founder, Clemens Schleiwies. “They like to design, and we’ve them develop these templates.”

Clemens launched Fabbly in early May. The Munich innate working with a team of cofounders to take the company to new heights. Clemens has started various other startups, and is a music producer, mixer and songwriter.

Clemens labeled the company as the iStockphoto of 3D-Printing.

“I am a huge fan of iStockphoto,” says Clemens. “I believed the next thing you can possibly download is the 3D templates, and I desired to maintain that room. I have been focusing on this full time for the past4 months.” Fabbly templates include rings, broaches, eyeglass frames, mesh lamp shades, sneakers and even iPhone 4S guards.

This self-funded organization has just started finding investors. Fabbly currently got the nationwide attention, and it has been highlighted in TechCrunch, The Verge, Fast Organization, Wired, Popular Science and Venture Beat and has moved into the new incubator.

Clemens believes most of the company’s early customers is likely to be commercial, but as 3D printer prices fall, more customers will quickly produce their very own products. “The costs are falling quickly,” he says. “It is already happening.”

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