CocoJet 3D Printer Creates Tasty Chocolate Treats

3D printing is cool. Chocolate is cool. So what could be better than a 3D printer that prints in chocolate? These sweet unions of technology and gastronomy have been around for years. But now, 3D printing company 3DSystems thinks it has perfected the chocolate 3D printer with the upcoming Chocojet.

Developed as a partnership between 3DSystems’ subsidiary Sugar Labs and The Hershey Company, the Cocojet debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The printer will eventually be on sale for consumers, but there’s no pricing or availability information as of yet.

The Cocojet prototype at CES uses a modified version of the 3D printing model fused deposition modeling, or constructing objects by extruding layers of liquid material (usually heated plastic) that then cool into a solid form. The Cocojet printer cools its chocolate objects via fans on either side of the interior. … (read more)