System for Customizable 3D Printing Designs, Developed by MIT Researchers (Video)

Researchers at both MIT and the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya in Israel have recently teamed up in order facilitate and potentially revolutionize the process of 3D printing design modifications through their program named Fab Forms.

Typically, additive manufacturing designs are quite complex and modifications require a significant amount of time to process. That is, designing 3D prints normally requires knowledge and relative expertise in CAD applications, in which designs are created and adjusted through various numerical values and fields. Additionally, making modifications to the designs requires several minutes per adjustment as the CAD applications must test and approve the new design for printing.

Seeking to speed up and make the design process more accessible to those with less CAD experience, Masha Shugrina, one of Fab Forms’s developers and an MIT graduate student in computer science and engineering, along with her colleagues, set out to create a system that would ultimately allow for modifications to be made to 3D printing designs simply by adjusting sliders on the screen with the design image changing accordingly. As stated on MIT’s CFG webpage, “We define Fab Forms as any design representation that lends itself to interactive customization by a novice use, while remaining valid and manufacturable.”

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