Gadget lets you create your own 3D-printing filament

3D printing has such a wide range of applications, and it’s certainly becoming more accessible, but there’s one thing it has in common with its inkjet sibling: print material ain’t exactly cheap. So wouldn’t it be great if you could make your own?

There are solutions out there for the home use, but they are few and far between, like Reprap’s instructions for building your own, or the Filabot, which costs at least $649 for an assemble-your-own kit. Enter Strooder — a much more affordable option.

Created by a team in the UK called OmniDynamics, the Strooder is able to convert cheap plastic pellets into PLA and ABS filament for your 3D printer. In fact, the team is working on support for other kinds of household plastics — meaning that you could even melt down, say, plastic bottles. As the device currently stands, you could use it to recycle your failed print jobs (so long as you cut it into chunks that can fit into the feed hole). … (Read more)