Design Firm Uses 3D Printer To Showcase Digital Fabrication Process In Real-Time

Emerging design firm BplusU used 3D technology to display the digital fabrication process in real-time for an exhibition at the Architecture + Design Museum in Los Angeles. Known for exhibiting progressive architecture and design, the Architecture + Design Museum became a perfect venue … for a real-time digital fabrication display by BplusU during the summer of 2010.

This unique display showed museum visitors a digital assembly line recreating ‘City Futura’, an architectural work designed by the firm for a site in Milan, Italy.

Founded in 2000, BplusU is led by Herwig Baumgartner and Scott Uriu, who have built a reputation for pushing the boundaries of architecture and design.

BplusU uses 3D digitising technology, rapid prototyping, laser cutters and CNC routers along with casting, vacuum forming and traditional model building to visualise their design. The design firm continues to research and experiment with new building materials and construction techniques using 3D technology and manufacturing techniques outside the architectural profession. … (read more)


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