Can MES software significantly transform Additive Manufacturing design?

Can MES software significantly transform Additive Manufacturing design?

In the world of advanced manufacturing, the term MES to describe software based Manufacturing Execution Systems is already fairly common. However, it is only now beginning to be introduced to AM, leading us to coin a new “AMES” (Additive Manufacturing Execution Systems) acronym. This is occurring now because only recently did AM start to become a true batch and potentially even a mass manufacturing technology.

Major industrial software developers already provide several MES solution but only a few are able to adapt these solutions to the unique characteristics of the end-to-end 3D printing production cycle, integrating strictly digital elements such as quotation enginers all the way to ERP, CRM and even 3D file protecion features.

Authentise 3DIAX
Incubated at NASA, Authentise provides a cloud-based MES (Manufacturing Execution System) based on its 3DIAX modular software platform. This modular approach allows users to build enterprise-grade custom workflows for customers and partners, that seamlessly integrate with existing systems, leveraging the company’s APIs and developer tools. With multiple providers per module, users can find the ideal solution for each use case, in a standard format, with seamless deployment and lead up to a streamlined payment process managed by Authentise.

Authentise was created specifically to automate the additive manufacturing process. Its smart software can be used to automate machine actions and it has already been implemented even by large consumer product manufacturers to run the 3D printer fleet, currently mostly for prototyping purposes but with the option to scale up to larger batch production. Users can receive automated updates from the 3D printers on any device.

In terms of pure manufacturing management, the Authentise MES is already able to track multiple connected systems including 3D printers as well as post-processing stations and other resource and resupply stations.


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