3D-Printed Ice Habitat Concept for Mars Wins NASA 3D-Printed Habitat Design Contest

NASA’s big announcement this week that it had confirmed the existence of flowing water on the surface of Mars isn’t just hugely significant for the prospects of finding life elsewhere in our Solar System – it also tells us more about the nature of water on the red planet.

Those findings will be very important for future research on Mars, including the eventual scenario of humans one day travelling there – and even, later, perhaps living on the planet. The abundance of water on Mars means we may be able to use it as a resource in future exploration, and according to one architectural vision – which has secured the approval of NASA, no less – it could also make the ideal material for human habitation on the planet.
Ice House, a 3D-printed shell structure constructed from Mars’s water supply, took the top prize in NASA’s 3D Printed Habitat Challenge Design Competition this week. The contest challenged would-be space-station designers to develop 3D-printed architectural concepts that could be built on Mars, suitable for its landscape and environment, and using the planet’s natural resources.Read more

Source: sciencealert.com; image: marsicehouse.com

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