Rinkak Launches Global 3D Printing Management Service

Kabuku Inc’s Rinkak 3D printing marketplace is quickly expanding and making a name for itself in the industry, with unique materials, a streamlined aesthetic, and exciting partnerships. The company announced one more offering that sees the company launching into the distributed manufacturing game, the Rinkak 3D Printing Manufacturing Management Service (MMS).

Through a closed beta test, operators of factories with 3D printers will be able to implement the Rinkak MMS to quickly begin accepting customers willing to pay for their 3D printing services. The service encompasses every point in the process: an automatically generated website, as well as order processing, manufacturing, and sales management tools.  Though not every feature has been ironed out for the beta phase, MMS will be able to automatically generate quotes and even check the 3D printability of of models. … (read more)

Source: 3DprintingIndustry.com

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