3D Printed Parts Strengthened with Carbon Nanotube

A Texas Tech University doctoral candidate was brainstorming research ideas at Texas Tech in August 2013 when he came across a topic that would influence his tenure as a Red Raider. He currently is researching techniques to improve the strength of 3D printed parts by incorporating carbon nanotubes in the plastic printer filaments and by exposing printed parts to microwave energy.

Sweeney, who worked at the Army Research Labs after he graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Material Science and Engineering, originally had the idea of using carbon nanotubes in 3D printed parts while working at the labs.

“The TEDx event at Texas Tech was a surreal opportunity to share the exciting results of my research with a wide audience,” said Sweeney, a chemical engineering doctoral candidate from Baltimore, Md.

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Source: Engineering.com