Hershey’s will soon be selling 3D printed edible chocolates!

A 3D food printer appears to be conceived only in a science fiction story or film; however, it is not something out of this planet anymore. 3D Systems (DDD) announced a partnership with The Hershey Company last Thursday, in order to collaborate on creating a 3-D food printer that will be able to produce printed edible chocolates and other products.

Wait, what?! 
Nowadays, 3D printing allows people to print actual, tangible objects and products, not just words on a page. This process is regularly done by adding the raw material—which can be sand, metal, plastic, or, in this case, chocolate—to the printer instead of ink and then elaborating the product layer by layer. Most 3-D printing at the consumer level is performed by hobbyists, who print all sort of things, from clothes, to toys, to musical instruments. Consumer 3-D printers start at approximately $1,000. Several tech and industry experts think that Consumer 3-D printers could soon revolutionize the manufacturing sector, which would cut out the need for costly transportation, among other expenses.

Click and eat! 
In a statement, 3D Systems declared that creating 3-D food printers that produce printed edible chocolates represents a good opportunity to aid the relatively new technology go mainstream. In addition, Hershey’s sees the enterprise as a great delivery system for its edible products. “Whether it’s creating a whole new form of candy or developing a new way to produce it, we embrace new technologies such as 3-D printing as a way to keep moving our timeless confectionery treats into the future,” said William Papa, head of research and development at Hershey’s. … (Read more)

Source: IndustryLeadersMagazine.com

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