The Foodini 3D Food Printer Hits Kickstarter!

3D food printing can be a hard concept to wrap your head around. Questions arise, like: what is it exactly that’s being made into 3D dimensions? Does it cook the food? And, most frequently, what’s the point?

To begin with, most 3D printed foods are made from a paste. And so far, most 3D food printing experiments don’t cook the food, but extrude it into fun shapes that are subsequently cooked. And the point is still being determined, but the ultimate goal is the ability to tailor foods specifically to your dietary needs. Eventually, it may be possible to feed your daily biostats to an app that determines what amount of which vitamins and minerals you need to treat or prevent certain health conditions. This data would be sent to a 3D food printer that could prepare your meals with the right ratio of ingredients and, in a severely futuristic world, even alter the taste so that you think you’re getting steak, but really you’re getting steak-like food paste.

That future may not be too far off as entrepreneurs like Natural Machines take to Kickstarter to launch their, now famous, Foodini 3D food printer. This is exciting stuff! Though people have been experimenting with 3D food printing for at least a couple of years – most notably in space – this may be the first commercially available 3D printer for printing savoury foods (the ChefJet sweets 3D printer from 3D Systems is also due to be released this year). And the early bird prices for the Kickstarter aren’t looking so bad for the Foodini. At the time of this writing, they haven’t quite sold out the $999 price for the Foodini, though at the time of this article’s publishing, they may have. Subsequently, it seems that the Foodini will retail at around $3,000 or so. … (Read more)

3D Printer Foodini how it works

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