Make it flexible with rubber-like material!

Rubber-like, launched for the first time by Iris van Herpen and Julia Koerner, is a very cool, flexible material. Check out what you can do with it!

We saw the material for the first time at the Spring Fashion Week 2013 in Paris, used for a dress by Iris van Herpen and Julia Koerner. Up till now we’ve seen some great results from nice fashion accessories to functional models. You can check out the design guide on this page.

Models in rubber-like are constructed from an off-white, very fine, granular powder. The result is a strong, high-flexible and durable material which is dyed black afterwards. The material is abrasive resitant, shows a limited level of detail, and has a sandy, granular look. There is one downside to this material: for the moment it can’t be produced and distributed in the US due to distribution restrictions, not even by third parties. … (Read more)


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