3DSemantix Announce The Release Of 3DPartFinder V5 Solutions!

Every designer working in CATIAV5®, NX, PTC Creo®, Autodesk® Inventor®, Solid Edge® and SOLIDWORKS® can trust 3DPartFinder to locate the most appropriate part available in their company for their new design.

We have incorporated a full Diagnostic Dash Board to help our customers measure their progress with their reuse strategy and generate their own KPI’s.

No need to have a CAD station to locate the most similar parts with 3DPartFinderV5™. Manufacturing Engineers can use 3DPartFinder to locate the most appropriate manufacturing process, quality inspection check-list or any other document. Purchasing teams can quickly identify suppliers for a new part, compare cost for similar designs and so on. When searching for documents that would help you with a new design, 3DPartFinder will most likely help you more efficiently than any traditional alphanumeric search engine.

With Powerful 3DPartFinderV5™ Analytics, Enterprises get full control of part creation and identify automatically any duplicate or nearby duplicate design created. Team leaders can quickly review the situation and prevent triggering the entire process of creating a new part.

3DPartFinder Analytics will help your team to clean-up your 3D model database from any duplicates or assist your team identify all groups of nearby duplicates to create standard parts and reduce your inventory cost. With process speed of one million parts per hour, it won’t take long before you have your diagnosis in hands!
Increase reuse, reduce costs and deliver project faster with 3DPartFinderV5™!

3DPartFinder for CAD Users:
No need for the designers to learn new software. Being in their CAD system the designer simply clicks on 3DPartFinder to launch a search from their first 3D rough model of the targeted part. Candidate parts are ranked by similarity and displayed in their CAD system where designers can use any CAD function to analyze models and make their final selection.

With 3DPartFinderV5™, every designer can be sure he will not create a duplicate!
Moreover, they can inspire their new design from the most appropriate part available in the company and leverage the best practice and historical data from the colleagues. You can prioritize the search in your preferred designs or standard part catalogs. Integrate 3DPartFinder in your PLM to enhance your best practices for design. Time savings allow your team to spend more time on the innovative aspects of a new product.

“Several companies are using configured parts as part of their current operations. In 3DPartFinderV5™ we have incorporated the capability to index configured parts”, explains Bertrand Houle, Vice-president Sales at 3DSemantix, who has overseen this new product launching.

3DPartFinder non-invasive installation allows leveraging your data stored in your existing systems. No need to copy your existing 3D model database for indexing, no need to install a new part management system or whatsoever. “Customers are impressed by the simplicity and efficiency of the installation process. 3DPartFinder is not only simple to use but also to implement!” comments Mr. Houle.

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