The First 3-D Printed Metal Furniture Is Here

Earlier this year, we wrote about a groundbreaking new technique called MX3D-Metal. Developed by Dutch designer Joris Laarman and backed by Autodesk, MX3D-Metal makes it possible–for the first time–to affordably 3-D print metal structures. It’s an exciting prospect, given the possibilities: Metal, after all, plays a key role in the infrastructure of buildings and cars.

At the time, the MX3D-Metal produced results that were rough around the edges: it resembled a giant welding machine spitting out wrought iron. But on display now, at the Friedman Benda gallery in New York, are elegant sculptures manufactured with the technique. The centerpiece of the show, the Dragon Bench, is an undulating structure made of woven metal strips. (It looks like an Escher drawing come to life.) … (Read more)