Tessa Blokland, Design Academy Eindhoven talks about Make it LEO

Tessa Blokland talks about the 3D printing eco-system from a commercialization perspective. She will go over the main benefits of commercializing 3D printing files and what are top concerns of designers and brands when looking to commercialize their digital assets.

Tessa will show how Make it LEO addresses these priorities and lift the entire eco-systems by doing so.

About Tessa Blokland
She is an experienced design industry expert, highly connected former editor at international design publication Frame magazine and currently manages outside relations at internationally renowned Design Academy Eindhoven. She has been in different design juries and is a coach at the Strawberry Earth Academy, an international academy for experienced fashion and design experts, focusing on sustainable innovations within these creative fields.

About Make it LEO
This is a SaaS company in the 3D printing space. Our service allows designers and brand owners to wrap their 3D printable digital designs so they feel comfortable selling or sharing them. Designers can maintain their design integrity, while allowing certain changes, and they can also limit the number of 3D prints from each file they sell (LEO stands for Limited Edition Object).

Find out more about Make it LEO.


Picture of Tessa Blokland by Daniel Cohen

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