Mosaic Manufacturing Innovates 3D Printing by Combining Multiple Materials

By now we have all seen a commercial 3D printer in action, spitting out filaments layer by layer until it replicates a predetermined design. The technology is stunning, but conventional usage of 3D printers has been limiting for two specific reasons: technology and design.

Sure, we can all use more trinkets, knick-knacks and miniature models, but there must be a way to add value to the printers. Perhaps one day we’ll have 3D printer sets in our home, an appliance placed beside the microwave, blender and television.

Kingston, Ontario-based, Mosaic Manufacturing is not a company that builds 3D printers but a company that is making 3D printers better, more practical and with a greater purpose. By introducing multi-material and multi-colour filaments into the printing process, Mosaic is able to create working products such as a flashlight. … (read more)