Tired of searching for great 3D models! 3D Shook will help

Most 3D model repositories operate on the “one at a time” approach: search for a model, select and download. Occasionally you may have to purchase a particularly good model. This approach is intended to encourage more 3D designers to produce more content; pay-for 3D models should provide an incentive for artists to create more.

But is it working? We’re not sure, but we don’t see a great many 3D artists making tons of cash. Our theory is that most people using personal 3D printers these days are happy to print out pretty much anything, thus they are less likely to buy a 3D model. They can print something else that’s free.

At this point, there is an awful lot of free 3D models to be had. Thingiverse, which is likely the world’s largest repository of printable 3D models, is entirely free of charge and now contains around 700,000 models. There are similar alternative repositories, each with a mix of paid and free models.

3D Shook provides a large, entirely curated set of proven-printable 3D models. Rather than depending on the whims of designers to donate their works or pay artists on commission when a model is purchased, Read more..

Source: fabbaloo.com

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