The Journey of Laywoo-D3: An Interview with Wood Filament Inventor Kai Parthy

From that first mysterious video of the wood filament, Laywoo-D3, being printed, I was intrigued by the mysterious person behind the camera, writing the white text against a blue background. But any information about elusive materials developer Laybrick was few and far between. Finally, I found Kai Parthy’s website, CC Products, and was finally able to reach out to him for an interview.

Kai Parthy’s journey to feedstock development is as windy as the journey of his feedstock. He grew up in Communist East Germany. I asked him to tell me a little bit about what that was like. Kai says,

Not to compare it with North Korea, but here’s an example: if you wanted to travel to meet your grandmother in West Germany, for example, the police would say, ‘No.’ Then, you paint a big poster, fitted outside of your window at home and viewable to everybody in the street that reads, ‘I want to see my grandmother in Hamburg.’ Then, the police or secret service (STASI) picks you up, sends you to prison for one and a half years, and, finally, releases you to Hamburg. … (Read more)


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