ProtoCycler Lets You Recycle 3D Printing Filament

3D printing promises to revolutionize the way people build, create and use objects. But right now, the technology is still more expensive than most people are willing to pay, and the printing process can generate a lot of plastic waste. 

Protocycler was created to answer both problems. Currently on Indiegogo (where it’s already reached its $70,000 funding goal), the device recycles old 3D printing material into new filament for new printing jobs. The creators say it can also recycle household plastic trash like soda bottles into filament. Developed by startup ReDeTec, the Protocycler costs $799.

The Protocycler works a little bit like a 3D printer in reverse: You insert unwanted objects such as botched print jobs, early prototypes, or support materials into the top of the Protocycler, which shreds them into tiny pieces. Protocycler melts down these bits of plastic and passes the mixture through its heated extruder to 3D-print filament the same way a 3D printer uses filament to create other objects. … (read more)