Proto-pasta Announces Addition of Two New Metallic PLA Filaments (VIDEO)

ProtoPlant, makers of Proto-pasta, announced two new materials for its line of exotic 3D printer filament: Stainless Steel PLA and Magnetic Iron PLA.

​Engineered for printability on home 3D printers, Proto-pasta Stainless Steel PLA can be polished or brushed for a brilliant metallic shine, or left unfinished for a cast metal appearance. Great for making realistic terminator replicas or giving prototypes an industrial design feel and aesthetic.

A print in Proto-pasta Magnetic Iron that has been submerged in a salt-water solution in two days, resulting in a rust finish. Finishing techniques for Proto-pasta Stainless Steel PLA, from Left to Right: Unfinished print, wire brush finish, polishing wheel, and rock tumbled finish. The head is a scan of Alexander the Great. Magnets stick to Proto-pasta Magnetic Iron PLA, and prints can also be oxidized for a “unique, rusty patina finish.” … (Read more)