Printrbot Unveils All-Metal 3D Printer

Printrbot, unveiled its latest addition to its Simple line, constructed entirely out of metal. The company is noted for its affordable wood-based frame 3D printers, which feature open-sourced hardware that can be expanded upon depending on project requirements.

Unlike the laser-cut setups Printrbot is known for, the all-metal Simple printer also features a bigger self-leveling build-plate (from 4 inch x 4 inch x 4 inch to 6 inch x 6 inch x 6 inch) along with a longer Z-axis rods (8 mm to 12 mm), which allows for larger project builds.

The all-metal Simple 3D printer combined with a GT2 belts and pulleys allows the machine to produce prints (at up to 100 microns) that rival more costly (in terms of thousands more in price) setups currently on the market. … (Read more)


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