Niels Flach, Innovation Centre of Polymers, Presents: “Materials properties are key to the mechanical performance of your prints!”

Several mechanical tests are standard to test polymers, such as drawbench tests, heat deflection temperature or the Charpy test that determines the energy necessary to break a material.

Common 3D-printing materials like PLA, ABS, Nylon, etcetera, behave quite differently in such tests. Moreover, not only the properties of the “natural” materials, but also the printing process influences these parameters.
Niels will show some analytical techniques that are useful to dertermine properties, in “pure material” as well as in 3D-printed form. Further, he will give a preview on an experimental product “GOPLA” that contains nanomaterial reinforcement and that behaves very favorable in FDM 3D-printing. The presentation will be completed with a contribution of Zerafet Tenwolde-Cansizoglu of 3D-print company Z3DLabs.

About Niels Flach

Niels studied polymer chemistry at Twente University and wrote a PhD thesis on the modification of polymeric surfaces.

About Innovation Centre of Polymers (Innovatiecentrum Kunststoffen, ICK)

ICK gives consultancy regarding polymeric materials, coatings, composites and adhesives. Currently several projects are running which elaborate on the application of graphene derivatives an other nanomaterials in composites, engineering plastics and coatings.