New Heat-Resistant Bioplastic Material for 3D Printing

Taiwan-based Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) has created a heat-resistant, food-grade bioplastic material.

For the past eight years, the researchers at ITRI have worked to produce a material that can hold up to higher temperatures, and it looks like their work has paid off.

According to an article on 3Ders, the material, a polylactic acid (PLA), is biodegradable and derived from natural, renewable sources such as corn and sugarcane. Most importantly, it is heat resistant – up to 100 degrees Celsius. PLA is commonly used in 3D printing, but this material tends deform at 50 degrees.

The ITRI achieved this standard through the new development of a non-toxic nucleating agent that accelerates the crystallization process in the PLA. The crystallization process allows the PLA materials to become heat-resistant. … (Read more)


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