What “Ink” is Your 3D Printer Using?

We all know 3D printing can make nice, wonderful and even awesome things. What most of us know, or don’t even bother to find out, is what those printed things are made of.

3D printing materials has come a long way from the plastic used when it was first introduced in the 1980s. The variety of materials now available allows 3D printing to be able to additively create items that were previously thought impossible. What are some of the materials 3D printers can now print with?

Polymers and plastics
This was the first material to be 3D printed and is still being used today. The reason for that is that this material become extremely malleable at 320 to 480 degrees Fahrenheit and also quickly cools down and quickly solidifies to become a solid, firm material. In their raw form, polymers and plastics look like thin wires, the kind you would expect to stretch from one power line to another. … (Read more)

Source: Inside3DP.com