“From prototypes to products with Laser Additive Manufacturing” – Presented by Dr. Ing. Johannes Witzel, Aachen Center for Additive Manufacturing

Due to the local heat input of a focused laser beam, material properties in the surface region of a component can be adjusted while at the same time achieving minimal distortion. Furthermore it is possible to produce components almost without geometric restrictions (construction of new parts), and/or repair damaged components. Applications for Laser Additive Manufacturing are seen in areas such as tool and mold manufacturing, turbo machinery, aerospace, medical, automotive and electrical engineering. This presentation gives an overview on the technological potentials as well as on the current R&D trends for the laser-based processes Selective Laser Melting (SLM) and Laser Metal Deposition (LMD).

About Johannes Witzel

Dr. Ing. Johannes Witzel received his diploma in Mechanical Engineering and a second diploma in Industrial Engineering and Management from the RWTH Aachen University. Additionally he received his master in Industrial Engineering from the Tsinghua University, P.R. China. He worked as scientist in the additive manufacturing department at the Chair for Laser Technology of the RWTH Aachen University from 2009 to 2015, concentrating on Laser Metal Deposition of high temperature alloys. Since 2015, Johannes Witzel has been project coordinator in the department “Additive Manufacturing and Functional Layers” at Fraunhofer ILT. He is Managing Director of the ACAM Aachen Center for Additive Manufacturing GmbH.

About Aachen Center for Additive Manufacturing GmbH

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