ADMAFLEX 2.0, 3D printer for series production of functional ceramic components

Admatec Europe BV is proud to announce that this month a total of four new printers started operation at the facility in Moergestel, the Netherlands.

The ADMAFLEX 2.0 is a significant improvement in relation to the prototype model and the machines are specially designed for the production of functional ceramic components. Improvements relate to machine stability, processing accuracy and a significant software update including new features to improve the overall accuracy. With the ADMAFLEX 2.0 the printed ceramic parts will have a precision of +/- 0.3% of the final dimensions. Under specific circumstances this can even go to a greater precisions. Surface finishes have a Ra value of 1 micrometer (μm). Solid values, especially if you compare these to other printing techniques.

At Admatec all the elements of the value chain are internally development and therefor internally controlled. This allows Admatec to develop quickly. One of these developments relates to high a complex parts for the endoscopy market. Very short printing times in relation to high complex shapes significantly pushed the breakeven point with ceramic injection moulding. For these endoscopy products it is economically more interesting to print 15.000 parts then injection mould them. Printing ceramics proves to be a production method.

admaflex1The market is picking up the possibility of printing ceramics rapidly. Specific target markets that will gain further attention in the coming period relate to two markets; microreactors and dental application. The benefits of printing ceramics for micro-reactors directly involves possibilities of printing complex structures and elimination of assembly steps. For printing dental solutions the degree of design freedom, printing speed and elimination of wasting materials is a great opportunity. Admatec does consider to enter these markets with partners.

Michiel de Bruijcker Managing Director of ADMATEC “ Over the past months Admatec pulled of a significant task by completing these printers. I truly believe ADMATEC does have the greatest capacity for printing functional ceramic components in the world. This puts us in a unique position to prove that printing ceramics is a true manufacturing process that will change the way we think about shaping ceramics significantly”