3D Printing Plastic — Distributed Recyling and Distributing the Benefits

We generate so much plastic waste today that it has become a serious environmental problem. Some of us do put aside our plastic bottles for recycling, but even that endeavour requires energy consumption just to get the plastic to a recycling centre. There is a better way to reuse the plastic, and 3D printing makes it possible.

Joshua M. Pearce of Michigan Technological University has published updates on the recycling project in a study called Life cycle analysis of distributed recycling of post-consumer high density polyethylene for 3-D printing filament, which demonstrates that making your own plastic 3D printer filament from milk jugs uses a lot less energy than conventional recycling, and it saves you the cost of filament, as well.

For the study, Pearce’s team used standard milk jugs made from HDPE plastic, which they clean and ran through an office shredder. They then used a RecycleBot to convert the shredded plastic into 3D printer filament that could be made into pencil cases or whatever else the plastic is suited for at home. … (Read more)

Source: 3DPrintingIndustry.com

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